Our Service Agreement

Pallette Painting 2023

Service Agreement 

Deposits and Payments

              A 39% deposit from the overall total of the estimate/ Invoice will be requested once project bid is approved y the customer. Billing methods vary from project to project based on project size and project estimated time length the deposit percentage is subject to change also depending on billing methods used billing methods are chosen depending on project time length and completion dates. The deposit is required prior to start date this deposit will cover all Material, equipment, travel expenses, partial labor expenses, and administrative fees, and  After you have agreed that the quality of our work is satisfactory, and confirm that the job is completed, Pallette Painting will send the Customer an unpaid invoice to the customers preferred contact method either email or text notice. The remaining balance will be due immediately. Pallette Painting does not provide service to those who reject the request for a deposit.

Material Prices And Project Deadline

        Please note that material prices and availability varies from retailer to retailer, and prices for material can change from retailer to retailer or from time to time. When the material budget is exausted there will be a change order for this invoice to adjust the cost for the remaining material. Pallette Painting does not profit off of material funds the discounts we get are given to our customers and a transportation and delivery fee might be applied. Please note that the project ending date can change due to unexpected circumstances. Pallette Painting will not be responsible for delays that are out of our power such as intense weather, material availability etc. 

Project Completion, And Possible Late Fees

         Once the deposit has been made, Pallette Painting will be obligated to complete every task listed in the items section of the estimate/Invoice. Once every task has been completed accordingly a Pallette Painting representative will do a quality inspection of the work completed. After quality inspection is completed a Pallette Painting representative will then have a walk through with the customer to insure customer satisfaction. If the customer is unavailable to do inspection, pictures and or videos will be sent to the customer for review. Once the customer agrees that everything was done to their expectations, an invoice reminder will be sent to the customer. This will happen only when a customer refuses to save their credit card information into our emergency system. A payment of the remaining balance will then be required on the day of the reminder or within 3 business days, no late fees will be applied for any late payments unless payment isn't received by the 30th day after invoice was sent to the customer. A $150

Interest fee for the services rendered will be applied every 30 days after the first 30 days 

Customers are urged to make ontime payments to avoid these late service fees.

Injury and Liability

         If any Pallette Painting employee is injured or becomes ill on any of our customers property the medical costs fall on the sole responsibility of Pallette Painting. Not on the owner of the property where the injury or illness occurred. All of Our employees are Safety orientated and are educated on safety procedures and always use PPE equipment properly to prevent any illness or injury.

Property Damage

         In the rare occurrence that any Pallette Painting employee causes damage to a customer's property, it will be the sole responsibility of Pallette Painting to pay for any repairs or replacement of property that was damaged while performing any service on any customer's property.


Service Agreement Terms

         By accepting the estimate, and or making a deposit, Giving a verbal agreement through text or voice conversation as well as (Pallette Painting) accepting the deposit. Both Pallette Painting and the Customer are bound by this service agreement. If you have any questions regarding this service agreement please call 

(323)428-8798 or email jharo@pallettepainting.com

 and we will be glad to assist you. (Revision 4 09/2023)